The hair mask is a very important element to recharge your hair with the nutrients and hydration needed for healthy hair.

It is a real treatment care that must be applied, either at home or at a professional, adapting it to the type of hair to get the best results.

Determine your hair type and choose from the masks that are best for you.
Once or twice a month after washing the hair with shampoo and rinsed, apply it to all the hair instead of the after shampoo. Massage gently to penetrate the cream into each hair thread, wait for the specified time and rinse thoroughly.

Use it once or twice a week to treat your hair very damaged, dry and lifeless, but then apply it only once or twice a month.

It should be noted that prolonged use of a mask can create a habituation in hair and the results may decrease. So change your mask regularly.

If you want advice, we are at your disposal, do not hesitate.

Mask "Super Baboso Aloe Vera" repair, Humectation and Hidratation "Novex" 400g
Super "Baboso" Aloe Vera NOVEX CosmeticsPresentation by Aline Neto, ao Salon de Coifure Beleza Brasil from Brussels, Belgium
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