The hair mask is a very important element to recharge the hair with the nutrients and hydration necessary for healthy hair.

It is a true treatment that should be applied, whether at home or in a professional, adapting it to the type of hair for the best results.

Determine your hair type and choose from the masks that appeal to you best.

Once or twice a month after washing your hair with shampoo and rinsing, apply it to all hair instead of conditioner. Massage gently to penetrate the cream into each hair, wait for the indicated time and rinse thoroughly.

Use it once or twice a week to treat very damaged, dry and lifeless hair, but then apply it only once or twice a month.

It should be known that prolonged use of a mask can create habituation in the hair and results may decrease. Then change masks regularly.

If you need advice, we are at your disposal, do not hesitate.

Masque hidratant "My curls My style" cheveux bouclés "Novex" 1kg
Hydrate et définit les boucles, tout en contrôlant le volume et en réduisant les frisottis.Youtuber Nouga Miel Vidéo
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