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The conditioner is very important, as it will bring keratin, oils and other active ingredients and will close the cuticles of your hair, preventing them from dry and lose vitality.

The choice of conditioner is free and independent of the shampoo you use, but if you want a specific result (e.g.: straightening, hydration, reconstruction, curl activation, etc.) with better results, we recommend that you use the various products of the same line.

Above all, avoid cheap trade conditioners that fill your hair with oil and silicone derivatives. At the moment the hair looks good, but will suffocate, dry and destroy your skin and your hair in the long run.

Prefer the most natural products possible from professional ranges as they are studied and adapted for each type of hair.

You can switch the conditioner with a hair mask once or twice a month. After rinsing, you can: either simply dry your hair, or finish with a cream, spray or gelatin.


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