About Us

Beleza BrasilⓇ is a company based in Belgium that sells beauty and hair care products, namely Brazilian brands.
Founded by Aline Neto, who, together with her husband Salomão Neto, started selling beauty products to the Lusophone and Hispanic communities.

Beleza BrasilⓇ is now an online store that sells throughout the European Union, as well as a physical store in Brussels, associated with a hairdressing and treatment salon specializing in curly hair.


our mission today

We work with all types of hair, but the focus on curly and frizzy hair is more important due to the particularities of the latter.
In addition, we know very well the difficulty felt by people who came out of mixed groups, who have mixed hair and who have difficulty finding their style and products adapted to them.
Thus, both in our salon and in our physical and online stores, we seek to provide all our customers with the most appropriate care for their hair type and personality.
We believe that everyone's inner beauty and personality should shine.
Each person is different and must learn to accept themselves as they are.
She must also know how to highlight her natural characteristics so that she can better find herself and others.
Brazilian products from the biggest innovative brands and always at the forefront of technology, combined with the specialized training of our team, make us an increasingly reference in the area of ​​hair care against hair loss and hair growth,
as well as in treatments and hairstyles for curly and mixed hair. .
We encourage you to start over with a good foundation, as natural as possible, in the name of the beauty and health of your hair.
Be authentic and dare. We are here to help you.