Thermoprotective styling cream "Força com Pimenta" +growth + shine "Bio Extratus" 200g
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Thermoprotective styling cream "Força com Pimenta" +growth + shine "Bio Extratus" 200g

Range with pepper and microkeratin-based active ingredients, it gives strength and accelerates growth

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The range Bio Extratus "Força com pimenta" (Strength with Pepper) range contains active ingredients which, combined, accelerate the healthy growth of the hair, while restoring the shine and vitality of the strands.
While Pepper has a stimulating and nourishing action, acting on the reinforcement of the strands, Microkeratin has a repairing capacity and a nourishing action which activates the shine and softness of damaged hair. And all of this relies on the exclusive "Bioxyl" technology of Bio Extratustechnology, which increases the blood circulation in the leather hair, reduces hair loss and increases the growth, while increasing density, restoring the hair mass and the average length of the strands, leaving them longer and healthier.

  1. Balanced cleansing shampoo:
    • Promotes a balanced cleaning of the hair.
    • Does not irritate the scalp
    • Can be used daily.
  2. Strengthening Moisturizing Mask:
    • Promotes fortifying hydration of the hair.
    • Can be used daily.
    • After washing your hair, apply the Force au Poivre mask by massaging strand by strand (to intensify the care, use a hair bonnet moisturizer). Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse
  3. Super dose "Desmaia cabelo":
    • It accelerates healthy growth, activates circulation without irritating the scalp and restores vitality to the hair, leaving the hair strong and extremely shiny.
    • After washing the hair with shampoo, apply the Force with Pepper overdose, massaging from the roots to the ends, leave on for 60 seconds and rinse.
  4. Intensive Conditioner:
    • Conditions strands immediately. You can feel it at your fingertips.
    • Can be used daily.
    • After washing hair with shampoo, gently massage Force with Pepper conditioner through strands, leave in for a few minutes and rinseleave in for a few minutes and rinseand rinse.
  5. Heat Protection Finisher:
    • Protects strands, restores shine and vitality to hair.
    • Can be used daily.
    • Apply to damp hair and distribute along strands, especially on ends and most damaged areas. Do not rinse. Comb as usual.
    • Can be used before brushing to protect strands.
  6. Tonic Lotion:
    • Adds shine and vitality to hair
    • Its concentrated formula contains essential micronutrients and the restorative power of microkeratin.
    • It works from root to tip to restore shine and vitality to hair.
    • Can be used daily.
    • After washing your hair, remove excess moisture with a towel and gently massage the lotion directly onto the scalp.
    • No rinsing required.

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