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Professional hydration mask "Queratina" Recuperation and hidratados "AnaLéa" 1kg

Acts inside and on the surface of the fiber, providing hydration, shine and recovery of damaged wires.

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The unique formula of AnaLéa Keratine massage cream, combines the power of the active ingredients that deeply moisturize the threads.

They act inside and on the surface of the fiber, providing hydration, shine and recovery of damaged wires.

It contains a keratin complex that moisturizes, reducing the damage caused by chemical treatments such as smoothing, relaxation, dyes, bleaches and brushes, while preventing the formation of double spikes.

How to use:

-Wash the hair well and apply AnaLéa massage cream by massaging the scalp.
-Leave on for 20 minutes.
-Rinse and do the desired hairstyle.
-If you use a thermal cap, leave for only 15 minutes.

-Use the right conditioner to close the hair cuticles.
-You can simply dry your hair or finish with a style of cream, spray or gelatin.


To get a quick action on a very damaged hair, you should use it at least once or twice a week, but then apply it only once or twice a month.

Don't exaggerate in hair masks to avoid overloading your hair and scalp (for daily treatment, a suitable conditioner is ideal).

Ingredients / Ingredients: Aqua; Cearylic alcohol; Petrolatum; Chloride of cetrimonium; Liquidum Paraffinum; Sodium Benzoate; Perfume; Lanoline; Keratin; Citric acid; Benzalkonium chloride; BHT; Butylpphenyl methyl proional; Geraniol; CI 18050; CI 19140.

1 Item
Hair type
2B - Corrugated medium perfect S wicks
2C - Intense corrugated
3A - Wide curly
3B - Medium Curly
3C - Tight curly
4A - frizzy (Afro) with tight curls
4B - Frizzy (Afro) format in Z
4C - Frizzy (Afro) tight Z format
Important action
Medium or Low Reconstruction
Strong Hydration
Avoid eye contact.
Do not use in children under 3 years of age.
For external use
Keep children out of reach.
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