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Loção de crescimento "Força com Pimenta" au poivre "Bio Extratus" 100ml
  • Loção de crescimento "Força com Pimenta" au poivre "Bio Extratus" 100ml

Growth lotion "Strength with Pepper" au poivre "Bio Extratus" 100ml

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Bio Extratus Cosméticos Naturais presents its new Line Force with Pepper, aimed at intensive treatment of resistance and growth of the strands, returning shine and vitality to the weakened strands.

We know that there is a natural balance between growth and fall, but some factors can influence this process.
Among them, heredity; physical and emotional fatigue; skin diseases and conditions; nutritional and hormonal deficiency; physical damage, such as sun, hair and face; excess chemistry, such as dyeing and straightening.

With proven efficacy, according to a study by the Institute of Chemistry of USP, the new line of Bio Extratus has the exclusive BIOXYL technology, which increases the density and average length of the wires; PEPPER, which activates circulation, nourishes and strengthens the strands; and VEGETABLE MICROKERATIN, with nourishing and restorative action of deeper damage to the hair fiber.

It is noteworthy that the properties of pepper, present in all products of the line, do not irritate the scalp. Intensive treatment, which runs from root to tips

Natural treatment with results in the salon - Intensive treatment lotion of strength and growth

After all the above steps, apply the lotion directly to the scalp, you do not need to rinse and dry as desired.

Intense treatment for strength and healthy growth


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of traitement
Type of cheveux
1A - Lisse Fin
1B - Lisse moyen
1C - Lisse Gros
2A - Ondulé Presque lisse
2B - Ondulé moyen mèches en S parfait
2C - Intense Ondulé
3A - Bouclé large
3B - Moyen Bouclé
3C - Bouclé serré
4A - crépu (Afro) avec boucles bien serrées
4B - Crépu (Afro) format en Z
4C - Crépu (Afro) format en Z bien serré
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